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Is Cambodia the next big travel destination? This was our experience of Cambodia

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Cambodia as a tourist destination has undergone an amazing transformation, this is true for the world of travel but especially true from my personal perception.


Not long time ago Cambodia was seen as a dangerous, underdeveloped, almost impossible place to visit. In just a short period of time it has become one of the most popular places to visit in Southeast Asia.


We are very familiar with this part of the world, countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia have very developed tourist industries with world class infrastructure and amazing luxurious hotels and resorts.

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We were aware of the attractions and the unique culture of Cambodia and because of that we included it in our last trip to this region of the world.


There are now many airlines flying to any of the two main international airports. We took Malaysia Airlines From Kuala Lumpur to Siem Reap. Even the process of obtaining the visa was extremely easy, we got it on arrival and it took us only 10 minutes. The airport is not huge, but modern and clean.


We took a cab after picking up a receipt in the arrivals area. Our driver was very professional and friendly.


Just driving to the center of town we saw a city that now is accustomed to receive visitors, there are many hotels and restaurants.


We stayed in the Park Hyatt, a wonderful boutique like hotel. We were quite surprised by this property where everything was amazing from beginning to the end: The rooms where beautiful, the facilities top notch and the food fantastic.

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But the Park Hyatt is not the only good hotel, there are many others ranging from small family run establishments to historical properties like the Raffles Grand hotel de Angkor or the ultra luxurious Aman resort.


There is no shortage of restaurants, cafes and many other dining venues in town.


Once outside the cities Cambodia is a wonderful place to explore. Angkor Archaeological park is just one of the many examples of the wonders that a tourist can see. It is fantastic to explore local villages, the many temples and monasteries and to learn about traditions and customs. Cambodians are very friendly and always ready to help visitors.


Nowadays this country is more than ready to welcome visitors. Phnom Penh -The capital- is not the exception, the development there has been amazing in the last years, there are several new hotels and others that are an institution in the city. An ideal trip to the country should include an stop in Siem Reap and another in the capital, it is even better if one reserve some days to go beyond the cities. Another of the great aspects we discovered in this country is the fact that in some ways it is just opening to the world what offers the possibility of having a more genuine experience of local life.


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Cambodia is open for business and the country is eager to receive visitors. It is time to go there not only for charity trips but to explore and enjoy the country that at the end is the best way to help Cambodians to get a good life.




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