Jun 13

10 pictures I took in India with my iPhone that will make you want to be there now


india - 3

Just couple months ago armed with my curiosity and my iPhone I jumped into the streets of India to be inmmersed in an amazing place, a melting pot of sensations, colors and mystical experiences. From the far north in the highlands of the himalayas to the lush forest of the south India is truly unique place, one that creates everlasting memories. I can say a lot about it, but I think this is a journey that is better understood with images,




People’s lives are fascinating, It is so thrilling to people watch, ask questions and just observe the always non stop activity.


india - 2

In India the city is a kitchen, a restaurant, an open air museum of flavor, culture and all the essentials of life.


india - 6There is never a reason to underestimate where the road will take you and how one will get there, in a Tuk Tuk, moped, walking under millennial arches or over the newest highways.


india - 1


The country  is a collection of civilizations, kingdoms and empires, every region and city has a story to tell and just a few days in each place blows away how little history one can know from the destination.


india - 8

smiling faces, thoughtful words,  friendly and good natured, their respect and concern for travelers is something to be I found in abundance, it is not a coincidence almost every day one hears from locals “please feel at home because in India the guest is God


india - 4

Cuisine as varied as the thousands of regions and towns. It is a wonderland for vegetarians and explosion of flavor and sensations.


india - 7

A land of palaces that are galleries of art, with stunning architecture and an expression of the country’s incredible past.



Flower markets that make one feel in an improvised Eden, these lovely creations are just exotic and evoke a classic sense of the country’s rituals and traditions.


india - 9

India is larger than life in so many ways but especially in its nature and panorama’s with sunsets that makes anyone easily forget the bustling and noise of cities. There is that weird ability of making the time stop  and transports you to another dimension of beauty beyond the stress and worries of normal life. 



I love to travel, it is a hobby that has been with me since I was a little child. Already as teenager I went around South America as a backpacker. Now I travel in a very different way, I like to think that I am a more discerning traveler, but I still enjoy the simple things of life.

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