Nov 10

Restaurant Recommendation in Medellin, Colombia: In Situ at the Botanical Garden


Medellin is a beautiful city. One that has gone through an impressive transformation during the last ten years. It went from being a destination with a kind of dubious reputation to being one of the most modern and attractive cities in Latin America. The botanical garden is a must for any visitor, in it is located the In Situ restaurant.


Every time that I have had the opportunity to visit a new city, I try to read about good places to see and to eat. Medellin is famous for its hearty and homier meals, traditional food from grandma’s kitchen right to the table is something not to miss here. I have to confess that when I was reading about In Situ restaurant I was somehow skeptical about the place. I know the botanical gardens can be nice, but I do not imagine to find high end restaurants there.


insitu2Well I was proved wrong. In Situ restaurant was a delightful surprise. A beautiful restaurant with top class attention, excellent wines and delicious food. Without doubts we can say that we are talking here of one of the best restaurants in the city. They deliver amazing service, something that it is not difficult to find in Medellin. Their food can be defined like fusion between local flavors and international tendencies. There is no other place where an elegant version of the traditional bandeja paisa will be as stylish as it is here.


One enjoys in the restaurant an amazing location, surrounded by cascades of water, green pastures and the sound of birds. Desserts are some of the best that I enjoyed in this destination and the quality of the ingredients on all the plates are of very high standards. The good news is that unlike most of these kind of luxurious looking restaurants with such a great gourmet experience, In Situ is very affordable with refined standards that equal those of Europe or the United States for a restaurant of the same class. Main plates go for around ten US Dollars.


After enjoying a delicious meal there is still time to walk around in the gorgeous botanical garden. Another impressive tip: the entrance to the garden is free.



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