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IBN Battuta Mall Themed Shopping Dubai



In a city whose enticing wonders, extravagance and limitless possibilities never seem to diminish, it is always necessary to have creative attractions. There are many splendid shopping centers and attractive malls to explore in Dubai. In order to attract a greater attention from shoppers, the IBN Battuta Mall appeals to the environment and atmosphere of the place. Every hall is a venture into another fascinating civilization, works of art and recreations of historic achievements.


IBN Battuta Mall is the largest themed shopping mall in the world. Because of this it is an epicenter of entertainment, attractions and creative ambience. In total it boasts 275 retail destinations of which 50 or so are restaurants. A massive in house theater brings moviegoers all week long as well. There is also a coveted IMAX theater which showcases some sense thrilling spectacles. The perhaps unfamiliar name of the mall makes sense when one realizes it is named for the famed Arabic explorer who traveled to and recorded much of what he beheld around the world.


The Mall sits just off Sheikh Zayed Road which is the main thoroughfare in the heart of Dubai. It is not far from the Marina and sits between interchanges 5 and 6. It is possible to reach the Mall via the Metro as well which can be quite handy for tourists moving about the central area and further afield. The Metro station has the same name as the mall. There are good promotions one can sign up for and many of the stores have big sales and radio events to attract guests every weekend.


The themed attractions are at the heart of what makes this shopping experience so memorable. There is a section known as Andalusia, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia, India and China. The China court is home to the entertainment zone, electronics and the IMAX theater. India court has loads of luxury brands and classic boutiques. Persia court is the centerpiece of the entire mall and it looks the part. One can look up in wonder at the symmetrical and impressive dome with its hand painted shapes and murals. The shopping is equally attractive and beautiful. The Egyptian court is a broad hall with ornate lamps, skilled wooden ceilings and much gold and ornamentation. Much like a real market it boasts tons of books jewelry and calligraphy. The Tunisia court brings one to the smells, sounds and airiness of a North African street market. There is a little bit of everything here to explore. The Andalusia court brings the culture, art and architecture of Southern Spain into focus. Here most impressively is a recreation of the lions fountain from the famed Alhambra in Granada.


This mall is certainly a one of a kind experience, a great place to shop, excellent for photos, cultural recreations and displays. Many shoppers find that the selection of stores and the bargains to be better than other malls in Dubai and it is a place not soon forgotten.



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