Aug 22

Hyatt Regency Shatin: a good hotel option in Hong Kong



To the untrained eye Hong Kong May just seem like the towering skyscrapers, the crowded streets and the two sides of the waterfront between Hong Kong proper and Kowloon. The entire area and its several territorial divisions are easily accessible and present different vantage points from which to experience the special jurisdiction. Staying in the heart of the city has its perks and its hefty price tag, but luck for the discerning traveler, one can find equally luxurious properties further afield at much better Hong Kong prices.


One such example is the Hyatt Regency Shatin. This elegant property is an urban resort. It is steps from the city metro and train line, but a good twenty-five minutes from central station in Hong Kong. It is far enough out to be quieter, more scenic and natural and it occupies more of a typical neighborhood setting. Set in the University district of Hong Kong it is a popular place for a younger crowd in the hotel and surrounding environs. Being just a few stops from the border with Mainland China it is an excellent place to stay over before or after making the crossing at Lo Wu and Loh Mak Chao to Shenzhen, China.


hrshatinart2This Hyatt Regency has over 550 rooms and suites. It is a massive freestanding hotel that offers a well appointed lobby. The atmosphere is modern and airy. The lobby seems always a buzz of business guests and tourists too. The decorative materials include lots of polished stone, rich woods and glass windows. The staff made check in efficient and courteous with an acknowledgement of our status and a slight room upgrade.


The hotel rooms are spacious compared to most in busy Hong Kong. Still a hotel of the same caliber in China itself would be even more grand. The décor was up to date and the room was well stocked with amenities and magazines. There are many styles of rooms and the basic vantage points are harbour view or mountain view. There are culinary sites with in the hotel, a sampling of bars and restaurants offering indoor and outdoor dining. Sha Tin 18 offers some of the best hotel panoramas and a smattering of various Chinese cooking traditions. Tin Tin bar is a popular hangout and a prominent spot in the hotel.


hrshatin3artThe gym is a well equipped facility with an entire range of cardio machines and weight training stations. The view looks out over the idyllic pool and garden area and the mountain walls beyond. The pool is a large open area that gently invites one to lay back and take in the view of the hotel. There is an outdoor Jacuzzi and adjacent to the locker room is a sauna, steam and whirlpool facility that blend relaxation into the heart of your stay. Melo spa is the household spot at which delightful treatments and therapies occur.


Some might complain that the hotel is too far from the action, but this is probably its greatest strength. One can easily move in and out of the crowded city on the MTR all day long. This hotel has a much better value for money, staff are friendlier and more dedicated and it has a relaxed atmosphere due to its location.




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  1. MightyTravels

    I agree – the Hyatt Sha Tin is a great option in Hong Kong. Rates are competitive and the hotel is top notch. The location isn’t too bad if you can stomach the train rides.

    1. Indeed, it is a great hotel, one of the best values in Hog Kong, friendly personnel and top notch facilities. The train ride is not that bad and it is very close to the Chinese border, so a good call for those transiting to Shenzhen.

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