Apr 28

How to use Snapchat for travel? Tips for travel bloggers and travel aficionados alike

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There are dozens of social networks, these come and go and sometimes it is even confusing to understand how to use them and if it is even really worth the effort and The truth is that not all social networks are the same, and one has not to invest tons of time in each one but there are some that are really important. Snapchat is an excellent example. It is one of the fastest growing social networks and it is effective but it is vital to understand how it works to take full advantage of it.


What is it? Without entering into technicalities it is possible to say that it is not like anything else. It focuses on pictures, videos and messages that are delivered instantly to targeted friends and those disappear equally fast after they see it. One can post these snaps in “my history” section and they stay there for 24 hours.


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Keep in mind your target population: snapchat is especially popular among young people, they like fast things, moments and experiences that are unique and entertaining. This is not the place to post elaborate or complicated things it is more about transmitting what is happening in the moment.


It is a great way to connect with followers: snapchat has the ability of making networking more personal. People can see in real time what is happening and where it is happening. They can travel along with you. This “instantaneous feeling” creates a loyal base of followers who in some ways want to see through your eyes.


Deliver what is unique and great: one has only ten seconds to create a lasting experience. One has not to be complicated but rather spontaneity rules. That is a great feature because nowadays followers want direct experiences not fabricated ones or retouched pics. Snapchat allows followers to come along in a trip just as it is happening and really when it is happening.


The feeling of behind the scenes is great: most travel posts come after days the actual experience happened. This is why the  “now and today” matters. This is a one of a kind opportunity to educate travelers to teach them the ups and downs of globetrotting, to offer a dose of reality about traveling  and to invite them to see the world thought the eyes of real life traveler, yourself.


If you as a travel blogger or just a traveler are not yet in snapchat maybe this is the moment to jump on the wagon. This social network is fun and opens a whole world of opportunities to connect with followers in a unique way.

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I love to travel, it is a hobby that has been with me since I was a little child. Already as teenager I went around South America as a backpacker. Now I travel in a very different way, I like to think that I am a more discerning traveler, but I still enjoy the simple things of life.

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