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How to cross the border between Cyprus and North Cyprus

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The island of Cyprus has been divided since 1974 into the Republic of Cyprus and the self proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The good news is that nowadays is not difficult to get to any side of the Island.


Nicosia is the capital where the main crossing over point is found.

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-As long as one has entered to Cyprus via any of the legal points of entry such as Larnaca Airport or the ports, there will not be a problem crossing to the North.




Crossing by Foot

Many tourists just cross by foot. There are two crossings for pedestrians only, the one in Ledra Street is the most common one.

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Cypriot Authorities may or may not check your passport as you are leaving, once one crosses to the order side one has to go through a pretty relaxed immigration process. Just be sure you have no need of a visa.



Immigration police stamp a piece of paper and if one wants they may stamp the passport, some people prefer not to stamp the passport to avoid any future problem entering Greece or another country. Coming back one has to go once again through immigration in the North and on the other side Cypriots authorities may just check that one has the valid stamp of entry through a legal point such as Larnaca airport.




Crossing with a Rental Car


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-There are six crossing points to enter the North by car, some car rental companies even allow tourists to take cars from the South, but one has to buy a new insurance on the other side. Domethios/ Kermia / Metehan is the busiest point of crossing with the most extended hours of service, even when immigration officers are 24 hours in all the crossing points it may be hard to get insurance late at night.





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