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How to get from Orlando Airport to city, hotels and theme parks



Orlando is an international destination for its world-class theme parks, hotels and resorts. All things considered it has a beautiful downtown and city life that is worth discovering too. For beach loving guests with time it is only a few hours drive in either direction to one of Florida’s sunny shores.


Transit into town and to area hotels is available all day long through a variety of buses, shuttles and driving services at good rates. The benefit of a resort destination is that such services are in high demand and offer competitive prices. The best choice to make depends on how much time you have and knowing the vicinity of your hotel or destination.


Getting out of the airport


Conveniently after baggage retrieval one will simply exit to the outside of either Terminal A or Terminal B (each located on opposite sides of the building) and find a long line of parking spaces along Level 1. All of these spaces have letters and numbers marking them, some are designated for taxi’s others for hotel shuttles, others for parking shuttles and for public buses.



Free Shuttles:


Orlando Hotels within a 5 mile radius almost universally offer a form of complimentary transfer to and from the airport, so one simply needs to check with the hotel for times and availability. The complimentary hotel shuttles can be found on the ground transportation level 1 of B terminal. The parking spaces are B42-B47. Higher end resorts with complimentary service will often have a representative waiting for you at baggage claim.



Local Public Buses:


Public transportation is clean and efficient in Orlando. Buses are part of a system called LYNX and depart from A terminal outside in lanes A38-A41. Price of a single journey ticket costs $2 and most routes listed here take around 1hr travel time and serve the following destinations:

Downtown Orlando The #11 bus departs via Orange Avenue at 5:52am to 11:52pm (5:52am to 9:52pm on Saturdays, and 6:25am to 8:25pm Sundays and holidays)
Lynx bus #51 departs via Conway at 5:28am to 9:35pm (5:16am to 8:17pm on Sundays and holidays)

International Drive bus #42 departs at 5:40am to 10:10pm (6:30am to 9:30pm on Sundays and holidays)

Florida Mall and SeaWorld bus #111 departs at 5:30am to 10:30pm.


Taxi’s and Shuttle Vans

Both these forms of transit can be booked in advance or reserved on site. The main difference is that a shuttle van will be more affordable due to taking on several passengers and having multiple stops. Shuttle vans in A terminal can be found in A9-A10 and A36-A37 and in B terminal in B9-B10 and B40-B41. For reference one way Shuttles can be around $30 per person to Disney and one way Taxi’s can be around $50.




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