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How to get from Fiumicino airport to Rome city center in Italy


Leonardo Da Vinci is the main international airport for the city of Rome. It is located in Fiumicino, 35 Kilometers from the historic city center.

It is very well connected with the whole country. And thanks to its position along major highways it is actually possible to go from there to almost every corner of Italy. There are several options for those looking for transportation to the city.

Taxi: There are many official taxis just outside the arrival areas in the different terminals. The fare as December 2013  to the city is 45 Euro. It is not customary to give a tip to the driver and the price already includes the lugagge. Anyway, one should not catch a taxi without agreeing on the price beforehand. Even with that in mind many cab drivers try to increase the fare later, just be firm and do not argue, once you have reached your destination take your luggage and give the driver the amount that was agreed upon and walk away. There are as well many other drivers (non official taxis) that offer their services, but for the sake of safety it is better to catch the official ones.

Train: Tren Italia has a terminal in the airport, it is connected with all the arrival terminals through a walking bridge, just follow the signs. There are two kind of services: the Leonardo Express is a train that departs every 15 minutes (every half hour on the weekends) , it goes non stop to Termini (the central train station) it costs 14 Euro. The other service is the one with local stops and it costs 8 Euro and leaves every fifteen minutes until 11 pm from the same place, it stops in Trastevere and Tiburtina (among other stops) and it takes around 40 minutes from Trastevere to the airport. Buy your tickets in the official Trenitalia ticket counter inside the train terminal in the airport, there are other places selling tickets and some times they charge more.

Buses: Several busses leave from a designated area in Terminal three, these are private companies (and one public) most of these buses go to Termini, the prices range from 4 Euro to 6 Euro, since there are more than five companies it is possible to find busses all day long, the last one leaves at 12: 20 am (after the last trains have left) it is by far the cheapest and my favorite option, just keep an eye on your luggage below the bus, especially once the bus reaches Termini. It takes around one hour to reach Termini, but it can be more depending on the traffic.

Strikes are not uncommon in Rome, on such days trains and sometimes even taxis may stop running, the good thing with the private buses are that they are not affected by those strikes. From Termini one can catch most of those buses from the side of the terminal just in front of the Mc Donald’s.


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