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How to get an International Driving Permit



While your drivers license from home may entitle you easily to rent a car or vehicle in various places around the world you should be prepared for countries, states or authorities that will not recognize it. The surest way to do so it to get an International Driving Permit. This document is accepted as valid ID in over 150 countries and allows for much broader powers of operating motor vehicles abroad. 


While the process varies slightly from country to country for getting the International Driving Permit, there are regular characteristics that apply: The Permit is valid for one year from the date of issue and one usually has to get the permit from an Automobile association or government agency such as a post office or department of transportation.


Here are some countries and their International Driving Permit requirements:



The agency which handles International driving permits in the USA is AAA. Simply download an application form from their website and fill it out, get 2 passport sized photos, $15 USD and bring it with your domestic drivers license to their nearest location.


Canada International_driving_permit_-_India

In Canada the CAA is the body which provides the International Driving Permit. Bring 25 Canadian Dollars, a completed application form, be at least 18yrs old, 2 passport sized photographs and a photocopy of the front and back of your license to the nearest CAA office.



United Kingdom

In the UK one can apply an an AA office or to select post offices. The cost is 8.5 pounds sterling, a passport photo is required as well as a copy of the drivers license front and back and passport.


These are three examples, every country that participates in the International Driving Permit has its own requirements but for the most part the requirements are similar around the world with slight variances.




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