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How expensive is to travel to United Arab Emirates?


In recent years the world has been hearing a lot about the UAE as one of the top destinations for luxury travel. Cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi are no longer unknown in the international tourism scene but a must visit for anyone who prides themselves of being seasoned travelers. There is still a common belief that this is a very expensive country to travel and to live. Actually the opposite is the true United Arab Emirates is a very affordable destination.

I remember before my first trip years ago I used to think the same: that it was a place just for the ultra rich. That stopped me from including Dubai in any of my travel plans, until I decided to jump to the adventure and I found a place much more affordable than what I thought. How is it this possible?

Luxury is everywhere in the Emirates, almost any imaginable name in hospitality or upscale brand from Hermes to Laduree is present there. This is something very good because availability make things more affordable.

One will be surprised of finding such a luxurious hotels that are much more affordable than anywhere else. Of course if one travels in the peak of the high season prices soar, but the rest of the year one can find great deals, I am not saying cheap, I am saying that luxury is more accessible here than in other countries.

The Emirates delivers one of the best values for money in travel. Facilities in any hotel are amazing, restaurants are excellent and attention is impeccable. There is a certain expectation for quality and good service here.

The dinning panorama is abundant and exquisite and this is true for any of the major cities or smaller places such as Ajman, Al Ain, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah. One can afford to enjoy high tea at the most luxurious venues of five star hotels or a great dinner in an upscale restaurant. Renting a car is always a great deal, gas is very cheap and there is free parking almost everywhere (including free valet parking in almost all hotels).

There are so many airlines flying to the Emirates that finding a good price for a ticket is normally not a problem. Non Stop flights can be more expensive, some people combine it with another destination having a stopover in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Keep in mind these are some of the best airlines of the world.

There are endless shopping opportunities in the Emirates where some of the most fancy and biggest malls of the World are located. Once again one can be surprised by how affordable luxury goods are here.

Yes Indeed one may need to plan for a while before a trip to Dubai or Abu Dhabi. One needs to spend in plane tickets, food, lodging and transportation and everything comes with a price tag, but a trip there can be more imaginable than people normally think, and if one is even willing to go in low season and embrace a little bit of heat and humidity prices are the real deal. So maybe this is the time to start planning for one of the most fascinating destinations in the world.


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    Very nice and helpful article, as we all know when traveling finding hotel to stay at is one of the most important one. So every time I look for a nice affordable hotel for my family and I to stay at. I usually check all of the competitive search engines that try to give the best rates. Thanks for sharing this one 🙂

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