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Houston Intercontinental Airport Review



Houston Intercontinental Airport is a hub of activity for many domestic as well as long range and shorter range international flights. The overall feeling of the airport is its immensity. There are always massive crowds and hundreds of flights going and coming but the terminals well live up to the traffic and the inter terminal trains take the load off the distances between the terminals. Some passengers might complain as to the distance, but it is really manageable when one considers just how many passengers and flights this facility is serving at any given time. 



The airport is a major hub for United which makes extensive use of Houston as a bridge to Mexico, Central and South America. The international connections are well representative too, offering flights to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The least impressive sections of the airport are those that are landslide, meaning the check in and baggage claim areas. There is a dirty of restaurants and facilities, the areas are spacious but simply more bare in order to allow passengers to be quickly dropped off and check in. There is space for sitting and waiting but this can be filled up in peak hours. The various parking garages, taxi lanes and drop off sections are feasible for passengers to use. Taxi fare to and from the city is estimated around $52 and the main form of public transit is a bus system that operates on a fixed schedule of peak hours. There is no train or metro connection to the city. Shuttle vans and shared ride services are popular.


There are five terminals altogether listed as A,B,C,D,E, There are five United Club lounges in every terminal except D, which has a host of international airline lounges.F ree WiFi is now available at Houston Airport. As of September 2014, connectivity is available in all Terminals as of early December 2014. Simply connect to the “Free Airport WIFI” network. The airside of the terminals have extensive seating areas by gates, loads of stores, money exchange, restaurants of various cuisines and prayer rooms for all faiths. There are plenty of outlets and mobile charging stations for free and cost. There do not seem to be an 24 hour food and beverage stations in the airport at this time.


Nearby Accommodations:

Since connections may be long or arrivals and departures early and late there are some very convenient hotels close by the Airport which offer good amenities such as  Marriott Houston Airport accessible by underground train and shuttle buses SpringHill Suites, Towneplace Suites Hyatt Place and La Quinta


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