May 26

Hotel Review: The JW Marriott Bogota



This hotel has been and continues to be truly an exceptional addition to the Bogota hotel scene. The service in this hotel is outstanding, a true reflection of what we’ve come to expect in JW properties across the globe. The rooms are well appointed with a classic luxury look and the décor of the hotel is colorful and decidedly modern with lots of dark hues. The lounge offers a superior selection of quality food with impressive views of the city skyline. This is certainly the best stay one can have in beautiful Bogota.


Location and Reception


The location of the hotel is right where tourists and businessment alike want to be in Bogota. There are lots of financial centers as well as parks, beautiful homes, restaurants and apartments and nice shopping centers close by such as the Granahorrar.


The hotel was off to a great start in our opinion from the moment of entry. The check in was quick and courteous and in fact other guests on our reservation were welcomed earlier as arrival flights were at different times. The hotel is large and impressive, yet it feels homier with the courteous staff. Security at the door is reassuring, yet not over intrusive. Our status was recognized and the applicable upgrades were generously given.





The rooms have a spacious and modern feel to them. The furnishings are heavy and ornate with a blend of carpet, fabric, hardwood, stone and deep color tones. Windows look out over the busy avenues below and host views of other luxury apartments in the vicinity. The closets have great space and the bathrooms are beautiful arrangements of ceramic tiles, large showers and solid countertops. Judging by the other guests at the time of stay this hotel is popular with visiting diplomats and politicians. We enjoyed club access and the club level is certainly worthwhile in this reasonably priced hotel.



Hotel Amenities


Outstanding amongst the amenities is certainly the club lounge. It occupies the topmost floor and it has lots of windows and patios from which to look out on the city. This is a beautiful sight in the city closest to the stars. The lounge is serving snacks all day with a full breakfast service and dinner time service that includes some complimentary alcoholic drinks as well as a full spread of appetizers.


The other notable amenity is the Spa and exercise facilities. Located on one of the lower floors, it is a full complex for beauty, fitness and wellness. The Spa has an ample sauna, steam, Jacuzzi and pool space. Attendants are always ready to assist with towels, lockers and beautification products. The gym is well laid out with state o the art machines, fresh water, cold towels and some curious local fruits.


Overall the JW Bogota is a Bogota address with unparalleled atmosphere and wonderful standards of service. It has everything a modern JW property needs and all for an agreeable price in this lovely Colombian capital.




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