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Hotel Review: Spring Hill Suites Salt Lake City Airport



Visitors to Salt Lake City will find the Spring Hill Suites by the airport as a convenient spot to overnight between flights or use as a convenient first or last night in and around the city. The hotel sits in a complex with other hotels of similar categories and makeup, ranging just five minutes from the airport and located on the West side of Salt Lake City with direct access to the main highways that go into the downtown districts, in all of 20 minutes.


Guests can expect to find a clean and spacious hotel with good value for money. Rates are good overall and the inclusion of a free 24 hour shuttle, free parking, complimentary breakfast and some relaxation and fitness amenities make this stopover worth savoring.


The first thing we noticed is the hotel’s high traffic volume. This makes sense with the type of stay it caters to, so don’t have expectations of staff that will dote on your every request or lots of extended stay opportunities. The staff are friendly and efficient, but the whole focus of the hotel is to get people into bed and out on the road with maximum efficiency. That being said, the shuttle pick up and drop off were done rapidly and check in and check out were also quick. A note to travelers waiting for the shuttle, the van will be marked with several hotel names, such as Courtyard by Marriott, Spring Hill Suites, Residence Inn and Hilton Garden Inn, since the shuttle runs constantly servicing the adjacent hotels.


The room we received was certainly typical for Spring Hill suites. It had a separate sitting and desk area, which had a partial division from the beds. There was a toilet room, a storage closet and a shower room. More than a suite as such, it is a comfortable large room with some dividers to make it feel like several spaces. There was a mini-fridge and a coffee/tea maker available. There is as well on site an indoor pool and small gym with basic workout equipment.


The morning breakfast is served in the lobby area with a good selection of some typical American breakfast staples, as well as a range of healthy options like fruits, yogurts, fat free dairy products, oatmeal, dried fruits and nuts. There is no restaurant or bar on site, but one can buy some snacks from a small store at the front desk or head to one of the neighboring hotels, which have restaurants and bars.


Overall the Spring Hill Suites Salt Lake City Airport is a good place to overnight with everything one needs to be ready for the day while having a good standard of service and amount of space for relaxation.





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