Oct 09

Hotel Review: Sheraton Tunis



The hotel scene in Tunis is a varied experience. It is not as simple as saying good or bad, but varied. The main downtown streets are home to large, historic structure reminiscent of Parisian style and service. Still many other parts of the city have family run operations and the Sheraton perched halfway between the city and the airport is really the only big name international brand serving the city.


First Impressions


On approach the hotel stands out as quite a large complex. It is perched on a majestic hillside amidst winding roads that move down to the city center. The hotel lobby is large and there are many guests that can be seen in the public areas. The staff are well trained to be polite and attentive, but they lack the intuitive factor, of looking for a solution unless you tell them you have a problem. One of the downsides to the public space is that it seems to be the social hangout of many groups of people. Thus it feels less like the hotel is for guests and more like a local bar during peak hours, this is purely a cultural observation.


Hotel layout


The hotel covers a wide surface area with several floors of operation. Rooms are spacious with comfortable beds and a wide balcony with sliding doors provide sweeping views of the suburbs of Tunis. The furniture and upholstery are a little out of date. Technology is average with all the basic connections of television, internet and electronics. One can surmise that this is one of the better places for a Tunis city stay, however it leaves much to be desired compared to other Sheratons in various markets around the globe.


Amenities and Services


The hotel’s winning features include a nice use of marble and décor in public spaces, a relaxing and manicured garden and poolside area outdoors as well as a full indoor pool and whirlpool facility. The fitness and wellness facilities are quite nice overall and encompass an area known as the garden spa. The fitness room is open 24/7 and there is an adjacent sauna, hammam and Jacuzzi. Guests should be aware that they need to provide or purchase a swimcap to use the pool facilities. The hotel also features a club lounge for those with a club room or SPG points access. The amenities herein are upgraded like faster internet and an elevated selection of breakfast and snack foods. There are several restaurants on site which offer food selections at various times and around the clock.


Overall the Sheraton Tunis is one of the better properties at which to stay in the city. However many of its imperfections get overlooked because it is really the only hotel of its size and category. A more solid adherence to the Sheraton ideal combined with some updates and intuitive touches would give it a nice boost.






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