Aug 14

Hotel Review: Rosewood Crescent Dallas




Arriving to the Rosewood in Dallas feels like being welcome into a luxury Mansion in France. The hotel is part of the Crescent complex, there are shops, upscale restaurants, and offices. One has almost everything just steps from the hotel. The other good thing is that all the happenings of Dallas are just minutes away.

It does not take more than 10 minutes walking to arrive to the art district where one can enjoy concerts, expositions and amazing museums, ten minutes more and one is in the downtown.


The lobby of the hotel is really beautiful, one is surrounded by beautiful gardens, there are a couple of restaurants including the famed Nobu. Check-in was done for us in a very efficient and discrete way. It is possible to immediately notice the great training and the level of service of the personnel. There are two options for parking including valet or self parking that when it is still chargeable it is still much more affordable.


We were offered an upgrade to a much bigger room. Everything there was well appointed and in fact the size is more generous than many other typical American hotels. The only thing we disliked of the room is that the décor and the furniture looks kind of old and worn down, that is the same for most of the halls outside the rooms. We were very honest during check out about our little disappointment with the rooms, especially in such a palatial building with that wonderful lobby. One of the employes apologized to us and agreed that the last renovation was done years ago and in fact a renovation is coming very soon, we will be looking forward to that because refreshed and stylish rooms in this property will certainly make the Rosewood one of the best hotels in the state.


The swimming pool is located on the second floor, it is a very attractive area, and even when no one was attending it, there are abundant towels, sun screen and fruit flavored water.


We tried lunch at the Crescent Club, it is a members only restaurant open to guests of the hotel located in the 17th floor of the building across from the Rosewood. We decided to get food from the buffet and it was good. The ambiance was a little weird, it is more like these are regular customers who do not enjoy to be bothered by outsiders in their personal hang out. Our waiter was kind of confused with the fact we wanted to have wine with our lunch, we had to repeat our request of wine for several times.


The Spa is another great place. There is a fully equipped gym, the space for the gym is a little small but machines are excellent. One of the nice things is that guests do not have to bring workout clothing, but the spa provides it. There are separate lockers for men and women where once again attention is excellent. One can enjoy the steam, sauna, relaxation areas, jacuzzi and plunge pool, some of the facilities look as well a little outdated but they take very good care of it. They provide all kinds of amenities and toiletries from shaving cream, to razors, deodorant and much more.

This is a good hotel, one where it is easy to escape from the bustle of the city. The emphasis is put into service, it almost remind us of the excellent properties that demanding travelers can find in Asia and the Middle East.




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