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Hotel Review: Novotel Warsaw



Warsaw is a city filled with parks, palaces, an old town and scenic walkways. It has a lot that is old, but a lot that is post-war too. Towering hotels and big shopping centers are a new addition to the traditional layout, and Novotel represents an above average place from which to enjoy the city in our experience.


First Impressions


The city of Warsaw is full of contrasts, Soviet Era skyscrapers, mixed with a lovely university sector and a traditional old town. The Novotel property sits in the extended center of the city where the main train station, parks, wide boulevards and tall buildings can be found.


Novotel Centrum Warsaw is a tall structure which can be easily seen and reached via bus and tram since it is just across the street from the train station. Travelers from the airport will be able to arrive without any transferring of buses, simply take any public transit that stops at the train station.


Hotel Characteristics


The first impression we felt inside and out is the sheer size of the place. A wide lobby is the main social space where guests checking in and out, dining, shopping and receiving assistance is all going on at this open ground floor level. Above there are over 700 rooms available which are as attractive for leisure travelers as they are for business guests. The lobby has recently been renovated with designer furniture and it is a good place to relax or meet up with others.




The high rise nature of the hotel and its particular layout makes any room a city view. It is very panoramic as one can see the ebb and flow of traffic circles and highways all around Warsaw from room windows. There are standard, superior, executive and suites available. Rooms come with complimentary water, coffee and tea facilities as well as a minifridge and ensuite bathroom. For European rooms the size is good and the décor is a simple blend of earthy colors, with white fabrics and walls.


Hotel Services


Since the hotel caters to such a large number of guests we found it surprisingly well run in terms of promptness and facilities. Poland overall has a good work ethic that we have seen in many of the hotels. Business and leisure travelers alike find the fitness and sauna center relaxing and there is even a video game area for entertainment. WiFi is available for free throughout the hotel. Family activities are arranged on site and in the city for visitors who wish to participate. Food services are available 24 hours a day while two dedicated restaurants provide all day international cuisine. Any of the Hotel’s 13 meeting rooms are sure to provide the size and supplies one might need for social and business occasions.




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