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Hotel Review: Hilton Sharm Waterfalls Resort



The Egyptian resort scene is one of good prices, even better competition and excellent range of services. The Resort town of Sharm El Sheikh on the lower Southeastern tip of the Sinai peninsula has taken off over the last decade and hotels old and new alike keep their presence and spirits active for the curious tourists who seek out the beauty of where the desert meets the sea.

The Hilton Sharm Waterfalls Resort keeps good company with the Ritz Carlton and the Renaissance Resort that sit along this specific stretch of coast. The resort is massive and there’s no risk of cramping because this is located far enough from the central airport and town center to allow one to feel like an authentic getaway.


First Impressions:

The hotel at first glance is not one which would bring to mind feelings of personalized attention and good reception. This is solely based on its impressive size which is a lot of guests to please. It is in fact however very abundantly staffed and staff members do a great job of delivering amenities, attending to food, leisure and hotel needs with promptness. There is standard security, a lengthy driveway from the main road and a spacious lobby with lots of windows, white interiors and sunlight to reflect the beauty of the outside bay. Due recognition is afforded to those with Hilton Honors status with appropriate upgrades.



The rooms are light and airy. They are good on space and have a broad range of categories available which can be good for long term or shorter stays. The value per cost of the place is quite good, considering what one might get for a Hilton stay in a major vacation resort elsewhere around the globe. There is free WiFi in the public areas and no shortage of restaurants, gaming centers, fitness facilities and leisure activities.


On site leisure activities

Since one could visit Sharm without any expectation of leaving the resort there are certainly many things to do here. The beach is the most obvious attraction. The hotel has its own jetty extending out into the Red Sea and the snorkeling is a great way to see the marine life and fascinating underwater attractions. The beaches are wide and do tend to get quite hot, so be sure to visit in morning and evening hours for maximum protection. For some freshwater cooling off there are seven pools in the entire complex, many of which have food options and excellent service. The is an on site diving center for those looking to rent equipment, get lessons or tips about where to dive.


Off site leisure activities

The hotel is quietly removed from the downtown, but it is within easy reach from the taxis which are abundant. Ras Mohammed National Park is a great reef are where day trips for diving and snorkeling are arranged through the hotel. Il Mercado shopping mall is a nice nearby attraction with select brands and a bevy of international restaurants to compliment or provide other dining options from the many available in the hotel. Alf Leila Wa Leila is an Arabian village nearby where one can barter and purchase homemade goods and spices. Finally the hotel concierge has an unending list of Sinai treks and day trips which guests can take advantage of, especially for lengthy stays.




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