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Hotel Review: Hilton London Tower Bridge



The Hilton set amidst London’s most historic waterfront district offers a little bit of everything in a very eclectic style. Set amidst gorgeous river paths, the confines of a crowded downtown, bustling financial district and the busy traffic of the Thames and the Tower Bridge means the hotel has a lot of ground to cover.


IMG_9449As far as location goes, the property is prime. It is the best spot for a tourist to abide in the heart of the city’s attractions and museums and the proximity to the financial sector makes it an ideal place for business meetings and functions too. Due to the restrictions of such a locale space is an issue, but the hotel is not lacking in its attempt to produce a modern and relaxing spot from which to dine, rest and view.


The hotel offers direct access to London Bridge and the Tower of London, some of the most renowned attractions in the city. The hotel offers complimentary WiFi access in public areas and there is an Executive Lounge. Just a few steps away are rapid forms of transit like buses and the metro. Even an airport express and further afield rail links are awaiting one’s beck and call.


IMG_9439The hotel staff were quite friendly and prompt. They seemed able to handle a variety of requests and tasks well, especially with so many guests coming and going in this kind of a busy space. The décor and atmosphere is modern and simple. Parking is hard to come by, but the hotel has a good fitness center and the recurring theme seems to be they cover the essentials well. Perhaps for such a world class spot one would expect a bigger and more splendid property, but given the restrictions of space it is a well conceived and executed property.


Part of the attractions include a view from the city terrace which captures the splendor of the nearby landmark structure called the Shard. It is becoming a popular trend for tourists and guests alike to take the signature afternoon tea service with this unbeatable view. Also Larder Restaurant offers some succulent British classics as well as a Japanese Sushi Bar that brings out some of the best gourmet experiences in international dining.


IMG_9447The executive lounge is nice with promising views of the Shard as well and the lovely riverfront. The hotel appeared very clean, well organized and it was quite quiet considering its central location. The downstairs lobby can get crowded around breakfast time and check in and check out times, but staff kept things moving along. This property has a great address and it is an expensive hotel in an expensive city. It has many good qualities to offer and is a great option for a posh London stay.







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