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Hotel Review: Four Seasons Jakarta



A name synonymous with Luxury, Four Seasons never ceases to impress in the various outlets it presents around the world. One might be daunted at first by the massive population, traffic and urban spread of Jakarta, but the Four Seasons is ideally situated in an escape like oasis in the heart of town. While highways and skyscrapers soar in the immediate neighborhood, there is a bit of forest and garden surrounding this property which gives it a getaway feel.


As is typical of all hotels in Jakarta guests will pass through two security areas coming into the hotel. The staff are wonderfully kind and courteous, making it a hassle free experience. The lobby and building itself have a more modern look with lots of gray stone, natural light, bright wood and stone carvings. Since the hotel is in the central business district many guests are here on business, but that doesn’t mean the hotel isn’t a place to relax, in fact they put a great emphasis on unwinding. The hotel has a feeling of tranquility all over.


First Impressions:

We found the front desk staff to be attentive and expedient in their work. They are adept at making accommodations suitable for guest requests. The concierge team are located just by the entrance and they are sure to arrange for any transport needs as well as give directions and maps. A walk to the center of the city takes 15 minutes from the hotel. Compared to other Four Seasons properties this one has excellent rates, a common theme among the luxury hotels of Jakarta.



The rooms are generously portioned in this spacious hotel. The balconies are wide as well with excellent views of the city skyline in every direction.  Furniture, decor and upholstery are very tropical feeling with lighter colors and dark heavy wood. There are 320 guest rooms and suites furnished with typical Indonesian fabrics and designs that just drip with luxury. Rooms come with a complimentary newspaper, L’Occitane amenities, pillow options and fast wifi. Turn down service is well done and staff reach out to make sure everything is as you like it.



Fitness is easy to come by in this relaxing oasis. One can make use of the weight room and cardiovascular equipment with serene views. Personal trainers are available for guests and the men’s and women’s locker rooms have steam rooms, whirlpools and plunge pools. A yoga studio is also on site. The Pool is set amidst a nice tropical backdrop with attendants and a nearby restaurant offering tasty and healthy options. It is a good place to workout with laps or just relax. Tennis courts (1 synthetic grass, 1 hard court) with adequate lighting allow one to play in the heat of day or at cooler nighttime temps.  The Business Center and the Executive Club Lounge cater to guests looking to unwind in style, host guests or conduct affairs in a comfortable atmosphere. Executive Club privileges are many including pressing of clothes, check in and check out services, appetizers, breakfast and cocktails as well as providing snacks throughout the day. Cuisine options are well covered with 9 venues total, 4 lounges and 5 restaurants. There is international fare, authentic Chinese, a top notch steakhouse and some good traditional Indonesian as well. The general breakfast buffet is quite succulent.



This is an escape within an escape. The Spa offers some of the best massage treatments we have yet experienced in a hotel. Prices are excellent and the service is professional. One has access to all the locker room hot and cold pools, sauna, steam and refreshment facilities. The massage beds are state of the art with in built technology and the massage techniques are thorough. The whole experience and atmosphere is relaxing. Having compared the spas at other luxury hotels in the city this is one of the best.






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