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Hotel review: Hilton Arcadia, Karon Beach, Phuket

Andaman Wing C


Tourists from all over the world, year round seek out the shores of Phuket, Thailand’s attractive beach peninsula. A small town with significant sand and surf is Karon Beach. The Hilton Arcadia is a grand style resort with easy access to the tropical attractions.


The Hilton Arcadia was a unique layout and good standard of service and amenities. This expansive resort occupies a lush 75 acre campus complete with gardens, lakes, and pools.  It is only a ten minute walk to central Karon and a five minute drive to the next town of Kata Beach and a 15 minute ride from Patong Beach.


Hilton Arcadia as a structure is one, which has some age to it. The buildings are large and somewhat cold, a massive style of a bygone era, yet the hotel staff have done an excellent job keeping the rooms well renovated and appointed. Rooms are standard size for a resort hotel of a large size and cleaning and turn down services are done with remarkable speed and skill. Some room balconies are angled to the sea and others towards the mountains. Others have a view of both due to the curved shape of the buildings. The lobby and other spaces connected between buildings are massive atriums often with a cool breeze and the sounds of rushing water all about. The main lobby is always full of activity and in the evenings live music at the spacious bar can be enjoyed.


One can find any number of good restaurants on site serving international delights and the main buffet rotates the menu each day. Themed restaurants such as Thai and Italian are of course classic favorites. The breakfast that comes with a stay here is taken in the main restaurant and during times of high occupancy they use two locations to handle the large numbers.


The hotel has tennis courts, an active children’s center and nice gym with garden views and sauna/steam room facilities too. The beach being just across the road allows for one to experience the golden sands of Karon beach and enjoy the waves of the Andaman Sea. There are several pools all around the hotel some with a cool tropical backdrop, others arranged for privacy and calm and still others with spots for live music, food and a panoramic beach view.


The only real way to move from Karon beach to surrounding towns is by taxi or tuk tuk. It costs 400 Baht to go to Patong Beach from the hotel. Arrival from the airport can be arranged by the hotel but costs around 1,700 Baht, one can get a shared cab at the airport for 200Baht per person after negotiation that will drop you right off at the hotel. A private cab will be around 450Baht these prices are in high season and can be negotiated further in low season. For a return to the airport one can see our travel tip here about how to arrange for an affordable transfer in Karon Beach. All transfers and excursions one purchases will pick you up at the welcome lobby next to the main road at the time arranged for.



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