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Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport



Set within a wonderfully modern and clean space called the Squaire, Hilton Garden Inn is just steps from the arrivals and departures halls of the busy Frankfurt International Airport. Convenience is the hallmark of this sharp looking hotel. Whether one is just arriving, transiting or flying out, there are a great many benefits of being so close to your departure or arrival gate.


The Hilton Garden Inn is set within a glass covered dome that houses offices, businesses, shops and other hotels like the adjacent Hilton Frankfurt Airport Hotel. Also very handy is that the regional trains pass right underneath the complex, so it is at the junction of many crossroads. Guests may even check in baggage the night before a morning departure which adds more convenience to the timeframe of traveling.



Overall the hotel is modern looking and sharp. The decor features soundproof glass, heavily carpeted floors and thick furniture. There are many browns, blacks and grey’s in the design but with hints of bright colors here and there. Everything about the place is smaller than one would find elsewhere but this is due to the European standard size of hotel rooms and the fact that it is an airport hotel. Prices are higher than what a normal hotel of this type would cost, but again it is an airport hotel and the rewards category is elevated as well.



The hotel offers free wifi throughout the property, some free printing and a business center. There is a 24 hour pantry market by the front desk for any food needs as well as coin laundry, baggage storage and a pavilion lounge. There is parking available for 32 Euros per day. The lobby restaurant is open from 6:30am-11pm each day and serves a variety of meals including the hotel breakfast. There is a great sauna and steam room facility attached to the 24 hour gym.



The rooms all have a standard look and appeal. They are well appointed with modern technology and are especially quiet. The hotel gives a feeling of being very functional, that is one can find everything one needs for a simple overnight within a smaller space. There are 334 rooms total which have a good Wifi signal and a refrigerator. There are even suites in the upper floors which feature a separate sitting room and pull out sofa bed for larger groups traveling. Many guests prefer to ask for outside facing rooms to have the beautiful nature views and to avoid keeping the curtains closed with the interior views.


All things considered this is an excellent airport hotel. It has everything one could need to make a trip more efficient and enjoyable and sacrifices none of the accessibility of being literally just steps from the terminal, highway and connecting trains.





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