Jan 17

Hilton Frankfurt Airport: One of the best airport hotel in the world!



Travelers are aware how taxing long haul flights can be, miss out on some sleep, spend an hour and a half collecting bags and rolling into a city for either a layover or a final destination and it can really take away from the recovery time in a trip. Airport hotels are frequently not very good. In Frankfurt we found this wonderful hotel in which a long layover really becomes a pleasure. 



First Impressions:

Recently we experienced the Hilton Frankfurt Hotel, on a long layover between two very long flights. Oftentimes travelers avoid airport hotels for their lack of comfort, space and their elevated prices, none of these downers applied to our great experience. It is easy to understand upon check in why this hotel is such a prize, when one looks and sees a long row of awards such as “Best Airport Hotel in Europe” “Top Airport Hotel in the World” etc.



Stay Options:

This hotel is ideal for anyone flying in, out or laying over in Frankfurt. Prices as we found them are quite approachable for an airport hotel, especially considering how modern, crisp and relaxing it is. Hilton Honors members will find themselves well cared for. Rates are also excellent for passengers in layover looking for a day use room. This is the most affordable option and it comes in with regular hotel access and privileges to a room and all facilities from 9am till 6pm on the same day.




Proximity to the airport is fantastic. It is a mere 10 minute walk from the baggage claim all with elevators, escalators and covered indoor walkways so one never has to set foot outside. The hotel sits next to some premium shopping, office space and inter city train platforms in a very navigable format.




As gold members staying for a simple day use, we found ourselves upgraded to the executive floor with full access to the lounge. The hotel is spotless, modern and the silence is profound. Not a single engine roar or voice can be heard in the large open spaces. Rooms have comfortable bedding, modern decor, up to date electronics and sharp bathroom facilities.




The 10th floor has plenty of meeting rooms, a generously sized lounge with snacks and light meal service going on at various times during the day. Staff are welcoming and expertly trained. The lobby also offers some restaurant options too. The 11th Floor has a nice gym that is adequate for a hotel this size and steam, sauna and changing facilities.


Overall it is easy to see why this hotel is so highly decorated in its own category and it stands up to many other city hotels too in terms of service, amenities, comfort and a great place to rest, just what one needs before, between or after flights.






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