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Why Granada Spain is so much more than the Alhambra


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Granada is a Southern Spanish city that is very popular because of its famous Alhambra Fortress. This photogenic Islamic fort that is the main attraction most people think of. It is certainly a high profile UNESCO world heritage site, but to limit the town to just this attraction is to seriously underestimate its cultural appeal. 


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Granada has been called the single most attractive city for a tourist to Spain and it certainly marks the crossroads of the long and enduring history of the Moors, Jews and Christian empires that have struggled for power in the area.



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This is a very tightly packed, Medival quarter of Granada. What we loved most about it was walking the narrow streets, some of which are too tight to fit cars. There are lots of little house museums where collections of art, weapons and artifacts can be seen for free or just a couple Euros. Stop in an awesome bar like Seis Peniques above for some wonderful Tapas.


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The Realejo:

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is one of the coolest neighborhoods for authentic cultural expressions of flamenco, music and electric performances of every type. The views over the city are impressive both day and night.



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This is the historic heart of Granada. It holds an impressive array of cafes and bookshops. The Cathedral and Royal Chapel are just around the corner nearby, The remains of Ferdinand and Isabella are housed therein.


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The beauty of Granada is that it is a mosaic of cultural periods  where old and new attractions sit side by side in a walkable and enjoyable city in the form of tapas bars, churches, fortresses, squares and traditional style restaurants.


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