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A railway journey from Berlin to Prague

Berlin's central railway station is an example of the great connections one can expect in a European railway journey


Berlin and Prague are two major European Cities that can be easily combined in a single trip. The easiest way to travel between both cities while getting a taste of the countryside between is to do so by train.


Both train stations are well located within their respective cities and are easily connected by excellent public transportation options. There are several trains traveling the route on different schedules during the day.

The best thing to do is to buy tickets ahead of time on the official website. We found the German train company  website Deutsche Bahn very easy to use. As well if one buys well ahead of  time it is possible to find good prices and promotions. There are discounts for group prices starting with the second passenger.


How to purchase tickets:

One has to buy the chosen trip, then print the ticket and not to forget to bring along the credit card or passport depending on which you selected as your form of ID for the ticket. During the process of checking the validity of the ticket in the train the personnel will request this as a proof of purchase. One can reserve a specific seat or just buy a ticket without a seat reservation and sit in any free seat in the specific class in which one purchased.

The trip takes around four hours from Berlin to Prague. Many people chose to break the journey in two -as was our case- and stop at least for a night in the beautiful city of Dresden that is located exactly at the half way point.


There are several train stations in both cities, for tourist and depending where one’s hotel is located normally what it makes more sense is to travel from central train station in Berlin (Hauptbahnhof) to Central Train station in Prague (Hlavni nadrazi).


As an alternative in each city the same train also stops in Berlin Sudkreutz and Prague Holosovice. Both are well connected to the metro system and one can avoid the rush of the major train stations.




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