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First Time Itinerary of Colombia

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The country of Colombia is a more and more visited place for tourists these days as safety has improved and great infrastructure has come to the country. Low cost airlines, brand name hotels, tour companies and a breathtaking slice of nature in so many biomes makes this destination irresistible. 



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This is the capital city and as such it is full of museums, government houses, cultural icons, business and financial districts. It is home to the best luxury hotels in the country. The cool mountain air gives it an Autumn like feeling most of the year. The mountains, cityscape and urban possibilities for recreation, education and cultural exchange are endless. Be sure to visit Candelaria for a snapshot of life in the downtown and Monserrate for a breathtaking view of the entire plateau.


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This is an innovative and scenic city. Here the transit systems, public works and overall spirit of Colombian people is defined by ingenuity and hard work. The city has beautiful shopping streets, works of art and the surrounding farmland is some of the most prized and scenic in the whole country.



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The Caribbean port city has a storied past of pirates, explorers, festivals and other lore. It is a popular tourist destination for vibrant colors, wonderful restaurants and some of the shadier things in life too. But don’t worry there is a lot of good fun to be had here. The beach and new hotels opening up along it are always a big draw as are the historic city walls. Don’t forget to ask what a Chiva bus is!



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The quadratic streets that run from the hill slopes down to the sea are the lifeblood of the city. Barranquilla is home to some amazing churches, squares and new hotels are constantly popping up. The music and dancing festivals especially around the time of Carnival are what define the city.



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This department sits in Northwestern Colombia and the terrain is known as Savanna. The grasslands and tropical acres are full of beef cattle, lakes, forests and a strong culture associated with grazing and livestock. Check out the lazy Sinu river in Monteria and go for some of the best steaks and Suero you’ve ever tasted.



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