Mar 30

How to find good Airport Parking rates



The familiarity and ease that comes with being picked up at the airport by a friend or family member is often a great way to arrive home, however it is not always possible or time efficient. Perhaps no one is available to pick up, or to drop off. It has happened to us on many occasions that a more efficient way of working a trip into and around a busy schedule means parking our own cars at the airport. 


So what about the hefty fees?

It is true that airport parking can be quite expensive. Rates can be upwards of $20 per day, almost the cost of your entire plane ticket by the time you return from your trip. This is especially true when one is using the on site airport lots, they have the advantage of being closer to the terminal itself, but very often the only discounts they offer are for extended parking sessions and the rates are still quite high. A site we use: aboutairportparking. will show information on over 400 airport parking lotsin a radius of 0.1 miles to 9 miles away that have a free shuttle and reviews. Just parking a little bit away can save you substantially. Using this website we have Save up to 70% on Airport Parking

Planning ahead saves

The best way we’ve found to take advantage of affordable airport parking is to make use of one or more website which allow you to pre-book your parking online. Often these search engines are good to compare with one another for good rates and at the end we’ve always found an option of between $5-$7 per day. 

Save On Airport Parking

Loyalty Pays

The nice thing about these airport parking websites is that they allow you to create an account, some have phone apps and you will receive regular emails with promo codes you can add to an upcoming parking purchase. We have used Park Sleep Fly for Airport Hotels & Parking, they always send good promotions. They especially increase offers around the holidays when more people are likely to be traveling.


Additional benefits

These parking websites are not only a great saver on your parking fees and an easy way to get your trip in order, they also come with benefits of listing additional services that parking lots offer. You may want a wash and wax, car detailing, maintenance from a basic oil change to an overhaul. We’ve used “Airportparkingreservations” before to Save On Airport Parking and to get the car tuned up whilst traveling.




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