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Filadelfia Coffee Resort and Tours Antigua Guatemala

Filadelphia Coffee Resort and Hotel is a unique experience of Antigua Guatemala

Filadelfia Coffee Resort and Tours is a unique experience of Antigua Guatemala


Many travel destinations offer exceptional settings and appeal, but a very privileged few are simply unforgettable and finding an equally unforgettable accommodation in the same place is just heavenly. Such is the case of Filadelfia Coffee Resort and Tours in Antigua Guatemala. Antigua is a magical place with its colonial and Mudejar-Spaniard stylized townscape all in the shadow of grand volcanoes and verdant forests. Finca Filadelphia is a historic coffee plantation just at the edge of town and on the slopes of a massive peak soaring 8,000 feet high. It is a unique resort that indulges its guests in everything from the beauties of the region, to the production of coffee and the historic charms of Antigua Guatemala.


One might think at first that the prospect of staying on a plantation entails noisy equipment, lots of foot traffic and simplified accommodations. Nothing could be further from the truth here. This is a fully functioning farm, but one that has acutely attained a stylish presence and an indulgent vibe. The first thing that strikes the visitor is how calm and remote the place feel just being minutes from the center of active Antigua. The farm holds onto its traditional buildings, cobblestoned driveways and magnificent arches with care and diligence. Even the main lobby and public area of the hotel is the converted plantation house of the family who have operated the farm for generations. Everything is a perfect blend of heirloom artifacts and modern architectural innovation. The main area for rooms is an additional wing that has been added in perfect synthesis to the original structures.


The rooms face a manicured garden area with colorful flora and fauna, a refreshing pool and Jacuzzi and overall views of the looming water volcano. There are three kinds of rooms available at the resort. Standard rooms come with King Sized bed, free wifi, high definition TV, comfort amenities, integrated technology and access to the outdoor pool and garden. Superior rooms are double the size with two queen beds and all the same amenities. Panoramic view includes the pool and garden with the water volcano in the distance. Master suites are defined as havens of luxury and quiet. Rooms are big at 1,200 sq. ft. with impressive views of the pool, garden, volcano and all the previously mentioned amenities and inbuilt technology. Prices range from $200 to $600 normally and one many find better rates depending on the time of year. All in all this is a great price for such an exclusive and picturesque destination.


The gift shop at the hotel offers many kinds of products grown on site

The gift shop at the hotel offers many kinds of products grown on site

Perhaps what defines the resort experience best of all is the fact that it is a destination in which to really experience Antigua Guatemala and its environs. The first priority is of course to discover Antigua in its urban splendor and moving beyond that one can discover that this region is rich in many other attractions as well. The hotel offers daily tours of its nurseries, coffee fields and full scale processing facilities. The coffee made here is irresitably delicious and any coffee lover will be pleasantly overwhelmed by the variety and quality. There are courses for cupping and latte art too.


The unique and undisturbed nature of this mountainous area provides a haven for guided trail tours and treks. There are canopy tours available too. Mountain paintball is expertly developed here and mountain biking is a thrill. One can go camping, enjoy an Unimog truck tour of the forests and fields as well as heading out on a traditional mule ride.  All these events are sure to make one hungry, so be sure to leave room for the on site gourmet facilities like Cafetenango with its traditional Guatemalan fare, Mountain Gazebo with its grill delights served in the panoramic views of 7,000 feet and Pergaminos, the signature restaurant of the resort specializing in fine French cuisine.


Filadelfia Coffee Resort and Tours is a destination within a destination. It provides a unique experience of Antigua Guatemala with accommodations on a historic coffee farm, thrilling excursions into the panorama and quiet contemplation of the lovely town, farms and volcanoes of this unforgettable and privileged place.





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