May 20

Emirates Skywards: What you need to know about expiration of award Miles




The Emirates Airline has a renowned level of service, high global connectivity, competitive rates and a straightforward booking process. All of these model business practices are reasons why we’ve not hesitated to book with them many times for all sorts of connections around the world. Their rewards miles expiration information for the members of their loyalty program is unsettling however. 


Faced with a decision to book on Emirates or another carrier, I chose to examine the status of my points with Emirates to make a decision about what would be a better ticket to buy. To my amazement while Emirates covers many other areas of the flying experience well, the mileage availability is not up to the same standard. Miles are good only for 3 years, no matter how often you keep adding or accruing. Many other programs have expiration dates but with miles adjusted as long as one continues to fly at regular intervals with the airline.


Skywards Miles are valid for three years from the date credited to your account, they are removed from the account at the end of the month in which one was born.

The awards miles can booked for travel up to 12 months ahead of time as long as they are redeemed before they expire.


This policy is certainly one which will prohibit me from considering Emirates as readily as I have done so in the past. A non negotiable expiration date put some strong restrictions on the type of travels we pursue and collecting miles is quite worthwhile for frequent travelers, but being able to use those miles in more opportune moments will make the difference for us to choose other airlines.


For anyone whose Skywards Miles are in jeopardy of expiring they can be redeemed for other things in addition to rewards travel like: upgrades, flights with partner airlines, car hire, finance, lifestyle and retail. Vouchers for events, activities, hotels and more active experiences.





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