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The Exceptional List: the best hotels of the world for 2015



As the year draws to a close, our team at traveladept.com come together to discuss and define their respective hotel experiences. The year has been one of many new hotel experiences in various markets around the globe. Putting all that together and listing the best is an annual tradition called: “The Exceptional List”. We look at our best experiences from the perspective of discerning guests who know what the ideal hotel standards are and how they are being exceeded. Our list comprises some great locations, personalized and detailed attention, remarkable amenities and a distinguished character. With all this in mind we present for your consideration: “The Exceptional List “ The Best Hotels of the world for 2015.



The St. Regis Abu Dhabi, UAE


In a city where the next ultra modern luxury hotel is just a skyscraper away, it can be tough to surprise the discerning guest. At the St. Regis in the heart of Abu Dhabi, set in the Nation Towers skyscraper, wonders of luxury and standards of service are far beyond the comfortable norm. The lobby is appointed with majestic staircases, artwork, crystal chandeliers and plush carpets. The impressions don’t stop here. Rooms are lofty perches of splendor, wherein one can absorb panoramic views of the city and waterfront, while being ensconced in silky soft beds, marble lined bathrooms and elegant appointments. The spa, fitness and beach facilities are extensive, the butler service is impeccable and complimentary to every guest and the staff anticipate your needs down to the last detail.


The Ritz Carlton Tel Aviv, Israel 


The hotel market in Israel has been neglected for some time and this property, the first five star full kosher hotel, has elevated the hotel experience in this country. The hotel is wonderfully new and sleek. The rooms are generously sized with amazing beds, expansive balconies and views of the surrounding beach, marina and the upscale neighborhood which it occupies. The services are first class, complimented by a well trained staff and excellent spa facilities. The hotel is connected with a shopping center, surrounded by many restaurants and luxury lifestyle amenities of bustling Tel Aviv.



The Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah, UAE


This hotel exceeds expectations in two areas specifically, the grandeur of the property and the personalized service which the staff hold themselves to. The hotel occupies a beautiful stretch of beach in Ras Al Khaimah an Emirate where many people who live and work in Dubai escape to for relaxation. The property is immense and the hotel is a polished work of art and architecture down to the last details. The service was centered around abundance, from the relaxation lounge in the spa, to fresh fruit in the room. Every request was honored promptly and there was no waiting time or trouble with any aspect of the hotel. The contrast of a giant property where service is personalized as if one is the only guest is the strength of this hotel.


Mandarin Oriental Miami, USA


The Mandarin Oriental in Miami succeeds in creating a luxurious space in Miami that’s far from the hype and buzz of the rest of the city. The building overlooks a beautiful portion of Biscayne Bay and the skyscrapers of Miami’s downtown proper. The interior of the hotel blends a light and refreshing Asian charm with a tropical feel. The spa and pool area are particularly wonderful areas of the hotel for relaxation and the comforts of Mandarin Oriental hospitality.



The Waldorf Astoria Dubai, UAE


Set on the iconic Palm Jumeirah, the newly opened Waldorf Astoria Dubai has a resort feel just minutes from the skyline of a rising world city. The property has strengths in its spaciousness: in the hotels beautiful halls, atriums and galleries, but as well in the rooms which are wide open and crafted with the finest upholstery and ingredients. The fitness facility is supremely modern, the Spa is a space of energizing vibes while the outdoor patios provide lounge space, poolside fun and a beach experience that encompasses a variety of water sports. Overall the hotel is a gorgeous place with exuberant staff.

The Waldorf Astoria Park City, USA


Park City Utah is a blend of wild escapes and world class outdoor sports year round. In the midst of such beauty and challenge the Waldorf Astoria property stands out for its spacious, service oriented and glamorous hotel experience. The hotel staff are gracious and ready to please. The rooms are cozy with a fully stocked kitchen and views of the surrounding mountains and hotel courtyard. The Spa is a space where one can relax for hours while the culinary delights, from the perfect breakfast menu to the traditional evening smores make one appreciate all the delights of a mountainside escape.


La Reunion Guatemala


A spectacular arrangement of resort, hotel and adventure awaits the visitor of this Guatemalan paradise. The golf and wellness centered hotel sits on the slopes of an active volcano overlooking the lush tropical countryside. The staff are attentive to personal preferences and make every effort to meet specific tastes. The rooms are abodes of tranquility with full technological features, exquisite use of stone, wood and local décor. There is an indoor Jacuzzi hot tub and a private infinity pool overlooking the panorama. The restaurant offerings feature succulent and creative culinary adventures.


The Peninsula Chicago, USA


This Chicago address certainly exceeds its reputation as a bastion of high class accommodations and amenities. Sophisticated yet welcoming The Peninsula Chicago captures a spirit of anything is possible for its guests, as staff go out of their way to cater to individual needs. The 20th floor spa, pool and fitness center are lofty and have beautiful views of the city. The rooms are stately with impressive use of grand furnishings and rich appointments. The lobby is a scene of social opulence and a place of refined culture, especially around the afternoon tea. Peninsula knows how to make a city stay a memorable experience of culture.


The St. Regis Bali, Indonesia 


While St. Regis holds an impeccable standard in their properties worldwide, their Bali resort fits the paradise like nature of the island itself. The hotel can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of people and weddings at times. This caused confusion with our requests on several occasions, but apologies were accordingly given. The property occupies a pristine stretch of beach and a wide, flat campus which houses tropical lawns, gardens, pools, villas and fountains. The rooms are excellently appointed with a blend of traditional Balinese designs and modern appointments. The Spa area is a relaxing escape with some of the best water relaxation and rejuvenation pools we’ve encountered all in one place. The cuisine was delightful and the grounds blissful.


JW Marriott Hanoi, Vietnam 


The dragon shaped hotel is perhaps one of the most impressive modern structures among hotels right now. Even more impressive about this property is the person to person service rendered by every single employee, from the manager down. The hotel occupies an immense space, with vast meeting facilities, top notch restaurants, social spaces, vast rooms and an extensive top floor wellness environment. The executive lounge is a wonderful place to work, socialize and enjoy cuisine. The rooms are stunningly modern, with lots of natural light, use of dark woods and creative décor. The Spa facilities from massage treatments to the pool, sauna, steamroom and Jacuzzi, as well as the panoramic fitness center will make one want to return again and again.


The St. Regis Atlanta


This is a metropolitan and classy hotel with a beautiful design and excellent leisure facilities in one of the most up and coming cities of the USA. Just steps into the hotel and one is taken back by the impressive lobby decor where art, wooden design and regal furniture transport the visitor to a city of class. Rooms are spacious and have a modern sense of classic luxury appointments. The location is wonderful in charming Buckhead, near all of Atlanta’s uptown restaurants, shopping and hotels. The inner pool courtyard, spa facilities and bar are top notch places for city relaxation.




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  1. Finn rasmussen

    On best hotels i think you forget Europe, what about the Adlon in Berlin Or the Vier Jahrzeiten in Hamburg or the Atlantic in Hamburg or the 3or 4 world class hotels in London.

    1. Hello Finn, we appreciate your input, our list is based on hotels we’ve experienced personally in the past year and of those these are our selections from those trips.

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