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After several visits to Budapest, this is what we enjoy most




Budapest is the European breakout city of our time. From a run down soviet era to the present the city has undergone a spectacular transformation which exalts its amazing history, beautiful architecture, and many cultural opportunities. There is no shortage of luxury lodging and good restaurants too. It is still a very affordable destination compared with other European capitals and as many times as we’ve visited these are the go to experiences:


Castle Hill: It is one of the most idyllic and romantic places of Budapest. It will transport anyone back in time. Cozy cobble-stoned streets, excellent restaurants, ruins of ancient churches and Castles together with the best views of the city make Castle Hill a must visit.


The Royal Palace: The rebuilding of the actual palace was finished in 1904. It is visible from almost anywhere in Budapest, it is the home of several museums and a beautiful place to stroll around during day or night.


Thermal waters and Spas: there are dozens of hot thermal waters in Budapest. Several hotels have been built around such springs that carry legendary fame and recognition for the healing properties of these waters. Gellert is a hotel and Spa where one can pay a day pass and become part of this unique Spa culture that is so alive in the Hungarian Capital.


The Central Market: it is an excellent place to see local culture and delicious food coming together. It is such a colorful market packed with fresh fruits and vegetables, but for tourists it is an prefect destination to enjoy local food, heavenly desserts and to buy souvenirs. Click here to read some in depth details of Kozponti Vasarcsarnok.


Amazing nightlife: Budapest has one of the best nightlifes of Europe. Many cafes, pubs and discotheques stay open the whole night specially during the weekends. Hungarians are very friendly and welcoming of visitors, so any one can easily become part of the party.


The Parliament: It is a unique building, an authentic symbol of the city. Visitors to the Parliament building get a great sense of the history that has shaped Hungary. This is as well the place to go to admire the impressive Crown Jewels


A cruise in the Danube: the river that has been part of novels and poetry seems to be now even more beautiful than ever. A cruise in this river gives the visitor a unique opportunity to see both sides of the city: Buda and Pest. Those with a more adventurous heart can even get all the way to Bratislava or Vienna.


The Opera House: A beautiful building with tremendous historical value, located in a very chic district, this is the perfect place to enjoy one of the many amazing performances. The Opera house is considered to have one of the best acoustics of the world.


Chain Bridge: It was the first bridge to connect both sides of the city. An impressive structure that one certainly has to cross to admire in its fullest.


To walk around Vaci Utca: a very ancient street, nowadays it is only pedestrian, it is always full of people, there are many great places to enjoy a coffee or one of the famous Hungarian desserts.




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