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Egypt Air: Airline Review

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When looking for a great introduction to the Middle East and looking to fly in a modern, safe yet affordable airline Egypt Air is a good airline to consider. In recent years rates have been quite affordable between Egypt and Europe and to their larger connections into Asia and the Americas. Despite whatever political scenarios the country has passed through in recent months and years, the airline continues operating well without any major interruptions in service.


The airline is based out of Cairo International Airport as its major hub. It serves over 75 destinations around the world and most heavily focused on Africa and the Middle East. It is also a Star Alliance member which gives certain incentives for miles and privileges for Star Alliance members with respective lounges and other perks. Cairo Airport has a beautiful modern terminal which is easily navigable and comfortable for a layover.


The airline seems to prefer giving a longer connection time than a short one. Connecting flights almost never seem to be one right after another. One complaint many have voiced is the airlines take off timing. It often happens that planes get a late start or are delayed arriving, thus adding to the long layover periods. Sometimes the explanation is the clearly visible sandstorm occurring outside and at other times there is no good reason.


The fleet consists of several large Airbus and Boeing craft, as well as a majority of Boeing 737 planes. Oftentimes on medium sized planes bound for connections within Egypt one will board the aircraft via a transit bus from the gate. The planes can be easily recognized by the blue and white logo of the symbol of Horus, the Egyptian sky deity. Whilst in flight we have found the crew to be generally helpful and friendly. One should take this into relative consideration, many of the flight crew are gracious, but friendly does not mean indirect. One should be understanding of Middle Eastern Culture and realize that speech can seem quite direct and abrupt, but the crew are obviously being helpful.


The in-flight entertainment overall could be updated. Some flights have individual screens, others have just one option available. The overall comfort and décor of the planes varies from one to another, but they are kept neat and in some cases a refurbishing in the cabin would be recommended. The in-flight service and meal were average by airline standards. There is no alcohol served, but a standard choice of meals and snacks. The crew did not circulate frequently outside the meal period, but they would get anything for you if you got up and asked or caught one coming by.


Overall the Egypt Air is a good value for money. Fares are very competitive for flights direct to Egypt or even beyond. The planes are flown well, the atmosphere is tranquil and it is an airline that gives a good name and face to a country that has much to celebrate in its history and showcase to the traveling world.




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