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Duty Free Shopping at Arrival in Abu Dhabi and Customs Allowance



Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE, a hot destination for luxury and all things world class for travelers and tourists these days. It is an airport which currently is undergoing great expansions as the Emirates Airline and so many others are touching down in this Emirate, the boomtown of our day. Many tourists know that access to certain products such as alcohol are controlled by local laws, so many have questions on what can be brought in from outside or purchased at the duty free shop in the airport itself before clearing customs.


Where and How to purchase Duty Free


The current layout of the airport is quite logical, disembark the plane, head to a central room with baggage claim carousels and then just beside the exit sits the duty free shop. There are places within the city itself to purchase alcohol, but supply is limited, prices are better here and it will be less hassle proving you are an outsider. At the duty free in the airport simply state where your flight was coming from when asked upon checkout. Prices here are not the best or the worst. They tend to be higher than most Duty Free shops we’ve seen around, so consider bringing alcohol, tobacco and perfumes from further afield if you know of good prices wherever you’re coming from.


Customs Allowances


Whether one is bringing everything from home, buying everything at the duty free or combining both, the allowances are equal for all scenarios. One person is allowed to clear customs with a maximum of:


Alcohol: 5 Bottles of Wine, or 4 Bottles of Spirits, or 24 Beer cans.

Tobacco: 2 Cartons of Cigarettes (400 Sticks) or 2kg of loose tobacco.

Cigars: up to a value of 3,000 AED

Perfumes and Personal Gifts: Up to a value of 3,000 AED





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