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Can Abu Dhabi be seen on a day trip from Dubai?

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Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the UAE and in recent years has seen growth equal to and even greater than Dubai.


Many tourists are now wishing to include it in their Dubai trip. Many wish to see it at least on a day trip excursion, is this a good use of time or even possible? The answer is really up to your time, interest and budget but here and the pro’s and con’s. 

Reasons to make Dubai Abu Dhabi a day trip:


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-Abu Dhabi is only two hours away from Dubai by highway. To find out your transit options see our article here.

-Car rentals are cheap and roads are wonderful making the journey very easy. Most hotels and major attractions have free parking.

-There are regular buses which run almost 18 hours a day between the two cities. There are plenty of seats, they are comfortable and tickets are affordable.

-Many international flights go into Abu Dhabi and so it is possible to arrive and depart the Emirates here while making Dubai part of the excursion in between.

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Reasons why you need more than a day to visit Abu Dhabi:

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-There are many luxury hotels, malls and cultural sites to see. Why come all the way here just to see the Grand Mosque and go back to Dubai, we recommend at least an overnight in Abu Dhabi.


-Abu Dhabi is fast becoming the trendy Emirate, The new Malls, Yas island theme parks, Palace of the Emirates, the 8km gulfside shorefront called the Corniche. The Etihad Towers complex with the various restaurants and shopping venues. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, a true standout among places of worship worldwide is just jaw droppingly gorgeous.


-Saadiyat Island is home to some of the city’s newest innovations and it is taking shape as the place of culture. A new Louvre Abu Dhabi is set to open, Zayed National Museum is slated to open in 2016 and a Guggenhiem is planned for 2017.






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