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Dresden, Germany turned out to be one of the best stopovers we’ve ever had

Dresden's Old Town is full of charms and delights for the eager traveler


Dresden is the pearl of Saxony. It is a stunning blend of past splendors and modern restoration. Dresden sits halfway between Berlin and Prague and is a popular stopover for tourists going in either direction, especially by train. We originally chose to go there due to its location, however it really impressed us as a city of architecture and enjoyment. If you are wondering what this city offers in all around attractions here are the things we enjoyed about it most.  


 A stroll along the Elbe River

dresden - 3

This seemingly mystic waterway cuts and winds through the city landscape creating a wonderful backdrop of bridges, parks and river walkways. Enjoy the developed strolling and exercise paths along its scenic banks year round.




Undoubtedly this is the most memorable landmark in the entire city. Situated in the heart of the old town, this monumental Church is taller than it is wide and its curious dimensions conceal an impressive interior space full of light, color, gold and wood.


 Shopping Opportunities

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This pedestrian friendly city concentrates some major malls, outdoor pavilions and shopping arcades over an almost 2km stretch. Find all kinds of brands, stores and specialty items in your path. The two biggest shopping centers are Centrum Galerie and Altmarkt Dresden.


The old town (Altstadt)

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Expansive palaces that have been partially or fully restored, looming towers with ornate facades and many palatial structures that bear the black scars of the bombs of war…this is just the beginning of the varied and eclectic scene one can look forward to in the old town. Be ready to experience excellent hotels, boutique retailers and sumptuous cuisine in the historic charm of the city.


Church of the Holy Cross

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This centrally located structure holds a unique historical vantage of being one of the strongholds of Protestant worship since the beginning of the Reformation. It is a place with unique artistry and a famed choir. One can happen on many concerts, worship services and special events going on all during the year.


 Kempinski Taschenburgpalais Hotel

This ornate and baroque palace is the height of luxury accommodation in Dresden. It is certainly a majestic place to stay, and an enjoyable place to explore. Even if not staying on site, be sure and check out the acclaimed refuge for conisseurs Karl May Bar for a stylish cocktail. Gourmet dining experiences abound in Restaurant Intermezzo too. The hotel is the embodiment of a relaxed and refined atmosphere.


Radebeul Wine country

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Just some kilometers North of Dresden following the Elbe River one can catch glimpses of spectacular wine country. The river flows beneath outcropped hills upon which sit tidy vineyards and expansive homes. The environs are breathtaking and the wine culture inundates the horizon. A great time to head out to this Dresden suburb (actually a town its own town right) is during the acclaimed Winzerzug festival.


Großer Garden

This is Dresden’s massive public park and garden area. On weekends especially it will be packed with those looking for a little outdoors in the city. It very large and has lots of well sculpted plants, enjoyable walkways and intimate surroundings. The sport of choice seems to be rollerblading, so if you’re game jump right into the trending tide of enthusiasts who navigate the park regularly.


Zwinger Palace

dresden - 4

This Baroque Palace is a museum that contains many masterful works across different genres of art. Most of the collections are free to visit and impressive among them are the porcelain, sculpture, tools of physics and math and the coats of arms of the Saxon Kings. Its most prized possession is undoubtedly the Madonna Sistina of Rafael.



This event stretches back centuries and enjoys the fame of being Germany’s oldest Christmas market. It has grown to massive proportions with hundreds of stands selling traditional foods, handcrafts and favorite holiday souvenirs. It runs from the end of November through December and is certainly one of the city’s most memorable highlights.




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