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Deli de Luca: a great option to eat at a fair price in Oslo



Oslo, Norway is a beautiful city, in spite of being small there are many attractions to enjoy for everybody, something that is true is that this is not a budget friendly destination for everybody, and many will struggle to find even a quick bite that can be defined as “affordable”. Keeping in mind the prices and standards of the city, Deli de Luca comes as one of the best options, not only in the capital, but even in other destinations such as Bergen and Stavanger.


It is true that the quality of food is just amazing in Norway. This is a country with very high standards; people love to eat well and fresh. But such a good quality comes with a huge price tag for most of us who are not privileged to make a salary in the local currency. Deli de Luca is a chain of convenience stores founded years ago by a group of friends and nowadays there are many of these stores in Oslo and other cities. Do not get me wrong, this is more than your typical convenience store. One will find here an excellent selection of sandwiches, pastas, desserts, premium coffees and much more. Prices are far better than almost anywhere else in the city and the ambiance is quite nice.


Deli de Luca has a great design and good attention to detail, one can choose as well among many other good quality products from different countries, from organic fair trade chocolates to whole wheat cookies and even several vegetarian and vegan options.


This is a place to have a good coffee, and remember coffee is a national passion for Norwegians who are considered among the biggest coffee drinkers in the world. Just remember that when I am saying this is an affordable option it is not possible to compare with similar places in other countries. We are referencing Norway a very expensive destination. Still one can expect to have a salad, a drink and a dessert for something like 20 USD, a real deal in this country! Another great plus is that many of the stores offer free Wi-Fi.


It is not hard to find Deli De Luca in Oslo, since this is a small city and there are dozens of them just some blocks away from each other. So relax and take it easy! Oslo may be expensive, but at the same time it is beautiful. A great city with very high quality of life, this is certainly a destination for lovers of nature, culture and good food.





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