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Day pass for water buses in Venice



The tourist bustle of Venice fills every canal and square and fumbling with individual tickets can be a hassle, so for the water buses (also known as vaporetto) that move one around the city, the day passes are the most efficient and affordable option. Since we suggest visitors to Venice spend a day or two at the most exploring the city, one will only need two day passes to get around.


Venice is a city full of beautiful attractions of that there is no doubt, but it has two things about it which can quickly be overwhelming, the intense crowds and the lack of authentic local experiences. Understandably the people who work here are flooded with tourists each day. As a result service is generally lousy, the shops close quite early and there isn’t the same warmth and friendliness one will find elsewhere. For that reason two days with the bus passes should get one around to everything that should be seen in this beautiful city.


The ticket can be bought for a single ride lasting an hour from the time it is stamped and this costs seven Euros. However one can buy a pass in segments of 12, 24, 36, 48 hours. For even longer stays of 5 to 7 days look into the Venice pass card, which will not only cover bus access but other transit and museum entrances as well. The best value pass for the typical tourist stay are the ones from 24-72 hours ranging from 20-35 Euros. The card validity starts from the moment you validate it, which is when you first board a waterbus and put it in the stamp machine.


It might seem like a novelty, to move around on a water bus, but once you figure out the layout of Venice the water buses are assuredly the fastest and most affordable way to hop around the islands and neighborhoods. Buses tend to be crowded but they are plentiful. Service runs 24 hours a day, but pay attention because from midnight till 5:00am there is an amended service which serves at more limited intervals and stops. The most important vaporetto route to know is Number 1 which is the most scenic of them all running up the Grand Canal. Route 12 serves the islands of Murano and Burano. There is also a hop on hop off bus service, but know that this is not included with the purchase of a day pass as it is part of its own system with tours built in.





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