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We know Prague is beautiful but here are other cities to see in the Czech Republic?

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The Czech Republic is exploding with medival architecture and natural beauty. We think of it as one of Europe’s best kept secrets. Prague is a city with international appeal for good reason, but there are many, many little towns all around the country whose names you’ve probably not heard but whose beauty can inspire a visit. 




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This is a classic city with a great scene for the performing arts and history. Cafe’s, clubs, scenic squares and a young university vibe all form the social backdrop for this scenic city. We found a town for foodies with some of the country’s best microbreweries and restaurants. Its architecture is fascinating from the ancient to modern functionalism.


Spinderluv Mlyn

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This is a wild and remote part of the Czech Republic but it is only a 2 hour drive from Prague. It has so many excellent winter sports options, small hotels and stunning views. The prices are incredibly affordable and the nature rivals that of some of Europe’s most touristed wild lands.


Karlovy Vary


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Another town you could add to your list would be Karlovy Vary. This amazing mineral spring town is home to spas and beautiful architecture. Hotels are majestic and from a bygone era. The mineral waters are able to be taken in at dozens of spas around town offering a variety of treatments. We loved the fresh markets and the luxury getaway vibe all for very agreeable prices.


Cesky Krumlov



This UNESCO world heritage town is one of the best medievally preserved towns in the whole country. Its a city in the South Bohemia region of the Czech Republic. There are castles, theaters and a river bend which keeps the enchanted forests and nature always within sight of the amazingly picturesque city streets.




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