May 19

Copenhagen: trending for business and tourism



Denmark has often won the title of happiest country in the world and Copenhagen is no stranger to “The World’s Most Livable City” award. Looking at the properties of the capital it is easy to see why. The city is unique in its design of stone streets, wide canals and one-of-a-kind houses. Put all of this creativity into a highly organized and spotless environment and one gets a full package of harmonious city living.


In recent years the city has moved towards increasing sustainability and more Green friendly goals. It has become known as a meeting and convention capital too.


City life Logistics

copenhagen3The city is an expensive one, not only to arrive, but also to survive in. It’s a pretty predictable scenario, higher quality of life = higher cost of living. Even still price should not scare one away, with proper budgeting any destination is within range, one simply needs to determine the best value for money lodging and food options. One can save on other costs, like being your own tour guide or skipping museums in favor of exploring the many free parks and gardens the city has instead. The city museum is also complimentary.


World Class Cuisine

Education and environmental awareness mean that grocery shopping as well as fine dining can be a revelatory experience here. Upwards of sixty percent food that is consumed within the city boundaries is organic. Noma, probably one of the most raved about restaurants in the world is found here sporting the latest in innovative cuisine.


Tivoli Gardens and Public buildings


This is one of the oldest fairgrounds and theme parks in the world. It is a great spot for family entertainment. There are also some of the city’s best restaurants in the vicinity. Rossemborg and Amaliemborg are two of the essential Royal Palaces to visit as well as The city citadel with its expansive views of the modern city and the sea.


Free Cycling

One will quickly see that being a Green conscious city means that bicycles are ubiquitous. The city encourages this practice with a system of free bicycles available for tourists to use. By placing a 20kr coin deposit into the bike rack one can use a bike around the city and recieve the return of the deposit when hooking up a bike at any other complimentary rack around town.



Nihavn District

This iconic canal is the site of restaurants, old ships, music and brightly colored houses which reflect the richness of Scandanavian Maritime trade and life.




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