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How to get specialized tickets for Colosseum tours



The Colosseum has expanded its areas to be visited by tourists. In addition to the normal entrance one can buy ahead of time or on the spot, several ticket retailers began selling entrances to the gladiatorial pits, the upper third tier and the general underground levels. These are still billed as VIP tours and one can reserve them best with proper planning, not just queuing up outside the ruins.


Many of the guided tours and seller outlets one will find online are either private tours or ticket resellers. It is good to understand that tickets are directly handled by the site www.coopculture.it Many people prefer to buy directly from them because the prices are most affordable around 22 Euros and they are the main sellers. Their internet schedules however are only set for several months ahead at a time.


Some third party sellers that provide ticket service like tickitaly.com or that have their own small group tours like Walks of Italy may sell for even further dates in the future but the prices are more elevated (79 Euros Walks of Italy and 28 Euros Tickitaly) and there are reimbursement policies. For one planning a trip and in need of reservations immediately, these sites are the best resources sofar. It should be noted that for the underground access, the elevator can be out of commission for some time, so stairs are the only option.


There is another promotion which is still ongoing via the www.coopculture.it site. It is a visit to the Colosseum after hours that includes a visit to the underground areas. It occurs each night from 8pm on till midnight. It is a good option to explore because prices are direct, seeing the Colosseum at night cuts down on crowds and the intense daily heat. It is a new program that should put a very different look and twist on the treasured visits to this remarkable structure.




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