Dec 22

Colombo Center Mall Lisbon




Lisbon is one of Europe’s more affordable and enjoyable cities. It is a great place to explore in depth or see on a long weekend. Fortunately for visitors shopping is available in outlets outside the city (Freeport) in the various storefronts downtown or in excellent and modern malls like Colombo Center.




The best way to arrive is to take the metro to the Colegio Militar stop for fast access. By bus and other arrivals it is near Lusiadia Ave. in the second circular next to a major bus terminal.




Colombo Center is named after the explorer Columbus and much of the interior and exterior décor reflects a maritime theme, an adventurous history well known and enjoyed by the Portugese. Most recent renovations took place in 2011 and there are 340 storefronts inside. The rage is eclectic from food stores, to specialty items, 60 restaurants, many clothing stores, accessories stores, a movie theater, even a chapel. It is the biggest conglomeration of stores on the Iberian Peninsula. The Mall is also designed with an intent to minimize environmental impact. There is lots of natural light to minimize energy waste, strong recycling programs and many other noticeable and unnoticeable ways in which energy is conserved.




This shopping center is excellent because tourists can find here wonderful supermarkets which have a great and fresh selection for cooking one’s own meals while traveling. At the same time many respectable brands are present with competitive prices (by European standards) so it can be a great place to pick up some fashionable items for less than they might cost elsewhere. This is an overall clean, modern and attractive social spot from which to see the daily life of Lisbon in action.




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