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An itinerary you need to try if you want to discover China



China is an amazing but frequently westerners feel a little apprehensive about undertaking a trip to this giant country. Nobody denies the historical and cultural importance of this nation, but the truth is that most people know little about the whole tourism potential of China. The most adventurous normally go to Beijing and Shanghai and other business people may go beyond.


Most visitors prefer to plan an all inclusive package, but here we want to present another alternative. A suggested itinerary through amazing destinations in the South of China that will take you through some of the biggest cities in the world to the tropical beauty of Hainan Island. This is an astonishing face of China that I am sure many of you have never even heard about.


Day one: Hong Kong, this is most likely the gate of entry for people overtaking this itinerary. There are many things to see in Hong Kong, but we will recommend not to miss the giant Budda in Lantau Island. One of the best areas to spend the first night is the New Territories. This area is perfectly connected with the airport and it is closer to the border with mainland China. Hotels here are more affordable.



Day Two: Crossing to China. This is a very straightforward process and it will not take more than one hour with the trip included. One takes the metro to the border, then one crosses walking and on the other side there are all kinds of transportation options.


Days Two and Three: Shenzhen This is one of the biggest cities of the world and it has gone from some hundreds of people living here 25 years ago to more than 15 million now. It is a fascinating city with impressive shopping centers (it is called the capital of fashion of China) there are amazing hotels to stay at with perfect service, good options are the JW Marriott or the extraordinary St Regis with its lobby on the 98th floor.


Day four: traveling from Shenzhen to Guangzhou and from there to Sanya in Hainan Island by Train: This is the most affordable way to move around in China. Trains are in great condition, they go punctually and it is the best way to admire the countryside. It does not cost more than 60 USD going From Shenzhen to Sanya in a sleeper car  and the trip takes around 14 hours. The whole train is loaded into a ferry to cross over to Hainan Island. The morning surprises one with a breathtaking tropical panorama in China! Sanya is a known as the Hawaii of China.


Days five, six and seven: Sanya is so beautiful that one cannot spend less than three days there and the longer the better. The beach and nature are simply gorgeous. Hotels are among the best one can find anywhere. There are so many to choose from and all are incredibly good: some of the best are Mandarin Oriental, Conrad, Ritz Carlton, Renaissance and dozens more. One comes to rest and be pampered in Sayna. But do not miss out on a stroll to the public beach and the downtown areas. They are always full of people and with many good seafood restaurants.


Day eight: Take the train Back to Guangzhou, this is very straightforward trip, just remember to buy your tickets ahead of time, do not wait till the last minute.


Days nine and ten: Guangzhou: another fascinating and beautiful metropolis that requires at least two days to be explored. Impressive architecture, pristine gardens, huge shopping centers and excellent five star hotels. Not to miss here are the recently opened Four Seasons that is housed in a building of more of 100 floors, other great options are the Ritz Carlton, Mandarin Oriental and Shangri-La.


Day eleven: Back to Hong Kong, from Guangzhou one can take a direct train to Down Town Hong Kong or one can go again from there to Shenzhen and then onto Hong Kong.





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