Oct 03

An amazing restaurant in Cusco Peru: Chicha

This restaurant has a name which captures what it is all about. Chicha is a basic Peruvian corn liquor that is enjoyed by anyone around the country, while being a top culinary spot in the city it is unassuming in its ingredients, prices and appeal. The restaurant is a venture by Peru’s most famous chef Gaston Arcurio. He is famous for making Peru known for its most famous export: food. For someone with 44 franchise international restaurants it is amazing the quality control and authenticity that we found at this establishment.

Many people arrive at the Chicha restaurant (which requires reservations) to see the chef. As he is quite an international sensation he’s obviously not in the kitchen at least a majority of the time. What you will find is his inspiration and a very unique way of cooking, a combination of Andean cooking, Peruvian cuisine and international flavors and drinks.
We really enjoyed the meal as the restaurant captures the spirit of the andes. Our appetizer was amazing tour of Andean potatoes, a select dish. It is done with such style and savor.
Chicha is housed in a very historical building. The wood floors, roaring ovens, intimate and cozy vibe is nicely mixed with a stellar bar that looks like a library of mixology. Especially for this quality of food the meal was affordable, $38 for two people having a full meal with wine. The pumpkin ravioli’s were some of the best we’ve ever had and there are good vegetarian options.

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