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Nov 22

How to best experience Christmas in Rome, Italy

  Rome for Christmas is a classic journey that can come together nicely for a group of any size with good planning. Rome and specifically the Vatican is a very important place to celebrate the Holidays. For Catholics this is one of the most important centers of their faith and many beautiful activities are celebrated …

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Aug 07

Is it safe to visit Israel?

  Many travelers wonder if it is safe to visit Israel. Summer is a busy time and many groups and solo travelers are scheduled to arrive to Israel in the upcoming weeks.. It is good to know that In normal circumstances  cities such as Tel Aviv or Jerusalem are safer than many other major destinations.

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May 19

Copenhagen: trending for business and tourism

  Denmark has often won the title of happiest country in the world and Copenhagen is no stranger to “The World’s Most Livable City” award. Looking at the properties of the capital it is easy to see why. The city is unique in its design of stone streets, wide canals and one-of-a-kind houses. Put all …

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Feb 12

First it was Travelocity, now Expedia is buying Orbitz. Is this something good for travelers?

It is now all over the news: Expedia has reached a deal to buy Orbitz in a billion dollar transaction, consolidating as a giant what already is the biggest online travel business.   Months ago Expedia acquired another of the players: Travelocity. After this new transaction there will be very few actors in the theater …

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Feb 09

What is new in Manila? The capital of Philippines is once again top in the list of travelers for 2015

  There are many fantastic cities in Southeast Asia, from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur tourism is bringing an age of prosperity and positive cultural exchange for these destinations. It seems that during the last years Manila was behind, but lately the capital has gone through a huge economic bonanza, and once again tourists are including …

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