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Dec 01

How to prepare for a trip to China?

This coming December I will be visiting China again, it is my tenth trip. It is a fantastic country to visit, I have see it from North to South. A solo trip there is not very complicated but  there are a few important things to keep in mind when getting ready for such a great …

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Sep 15

What to see when visiting Guatemala

Natural beauty, millennial old cultures, colonial cities and delicious food comes together in Guatemala. There is a lot to see in this little Central American country. There are great hotels and wonderful restaurants. The capital city is served by a modern international airport with connections to the USA, the rest of Latin America and Europe. …

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Aug 27

High altitude: how to deal with it

      We do not intend to give personal medical advice with our tips, anyone who believes that this effect of nature can be an issue should consult a doctor ahead of time, it can be a serious and life threatening issue.

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Aug 11

How to enjoy Rome at a relaxing pace: Trastevere

  Trastevere is Rome’s most laid backĀ and pedestrian neighborhood. The past comes alive around every corner, its narrow streets yield to major squares, ancient buildings and wonderful people watching at the cafe’s, restaurants, barber shops and churches.

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Jun 07

Seven tips to fight Jet Lag and maybe not be affected at all by it

Jet Lag is something many travelers fear and even when it is real there are some tips that can help us to minimize or not to be affected at all by this condition. Jet Lag is a group of physiological signs and symptoms that affect people when they travel across a number of time zones. …

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