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Nov 23

Exploring Orlando beyond the theme parks

  Orlando is certainly well known and would not be the city it is without its world class theme parks and hotels. But whether you are just visiting once or several times you owe it to yourself to see the rest of the city. It is in fact very well organized, livable and enjoyable. So …

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Oct 24

Museum of Islamic Art Doha Qatar

  The curious structure hovering over Qatar’s waters along the Cornice might look like an odd boat among all the pearl boats docked close to shore, but it is a fascinating, sharp and ultra modern house for the vast accomplishments of art in Islam over the centuries.

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Sep 27

Laid back urban Europe: Frankfurt Germany

Germany’s fifth most populous city and center of the European Banking system is a laid back city that has a lovely riverfront, intimate squares and streets as well as plenty of restaurants, hotels, shopping centers and sightseeing. 

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Aug 18

Can Abu Dhabi be seen on a day trip from Dubai?

  Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the UAE and in recent years has seen growth equal to and even greater than Dubai.   Many tourists are now wishing to include it in their Dubai trip. Many wish to see it at least on a day trip excursion, is this a good use of time …

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Aug 03

A town where wine is worshipped: Elciego, Spain

    Tourists who are on the pathways of rural beauty in Spain will be surprised by the City of Wine complex that rises seemingly out of nowhere. The architecture reminds one of a civic center, museum, hotel and sculpture from a major cosmopolitan city, but here it is among the farms and countryside proclaiming the glories …

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