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Nov 17

It seems the time to fly low cost in Central America has arrived! Some facts you need to know now that these kind of airlines will debut

  Central American countries seem to be so close and at the same time so far away. Even when the geographical distance is not big, a trip to Guatemala from Costa Rica can take around three days because the difficulties crossing so many borders. Airplane tickets have been traditionally expensive, but this seems to be …

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Oct 16

Why Buenos Aires gave us new definition of culture

  Having just returned from Buenos Aires we can say it is a city that impressed us greatly. The infrastructure, architecture, neighborhoods, public parks and natural beauty make it unforgettable and epic.  It has all the wow factors of a very cultured place with centuries of history, like a Paris, Rome or London without the price …

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Oct 01

Mountains, wine, great food and cosmopolitan cities: being back in South America after six years reminds me how beautiful it is.

The time to be back in South America finally came this past month when we embarked on a 6 country trip during almost three weeks. Only for two months Brazil lifted their requirement of a tourist visa for Americans, and even when I don’t need one because I travel with a Costa Rican passport Matt …

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Sep 17

The World Through the Eyes of Travel Bloggers: Malaysia, Home away from home

Malaysia and Singapore has been home to Indians for decades, many of them who moved to these regions during the first half of the 20th century have called it home for so many years. We moved to Malaysia in 2009, as newly-weds, to a place many of us may not have heard of at all. …

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Sep 04

Beijing is a city that teachers first timers how to survive in China

China is a huge country full of dozens of cities with millions in each one. All have history and some are better known that others. We don’t think Beijing has to be your first stop but it was ours and it combined a more tourist friendly city with some survival episodes too. These were important …

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