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Feb 11

Top ten things to see in Jerusalem

  Very few cities can compete with Jerusalem in history and religious importance. It is one of the most beloved destinations in the world and a powerful place where past and future melts to create this singular experience. Jerusalem is the heart of many religions and a great place to visit by those who love …

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Dec 21

10 Exceptional Destinations for 2017

  Here are our recommendations, places we visited this past year and we fell in love with. These are amazing destinations that represent a unique opportunity for 2017. Sometimes it is because these countries just changed their visa policies or because there has been a surge in infrastructure that make such places worth to really …

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Oct 10

10 best destinations to learn Spanish in Latin America

  There is an old saying that the only way to truly learn a language is to speak it. This may sound obvious, but there is wisdom behind the idea. Learning a language is more that memorizing grammar rules, it is actually to become fully immersed in the traditions and the culture of the people …

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Jun 25

Top 10 things to see in Costa Rica

  Costa Rica is exploding with tourism and it has so much diversity to offer from mountains, beaches, rainforests and wonderful cities. Here are ten great things to see when visiting Costa Rica:

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May 31

How we enjoyed Cairo, Egypt on a first time visit.

  In the Egyptian capital there is plethora of things for travelers and tourists to explore, from the dusty archeological digs to the golden halls of five star hotel luxury. The city may have the reputation for doing things big, but that comes with a massive population, a long history and so many diverse things …

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