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Feb 01

How to get specialized tickets for Colosseum tours

  The Colosseum has expanded its areas to be visited by tourists. In addition to the normal entrance one can buy ahead of time or on the spot, several ticket retailers began selling entrances to the gladiatorial pits, the upper third tier and the general underground levels. These are still billed as VIP tours and one …

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Aug 07

Top Gelato shops in Rome

  Gelato has a long history in Italian cuisine and this succulent dessert is a popular attraction for tourists all over Italy and in Rome. Of course one will find gelato on every corner and in every café of the city, and it is sure to beat anything you’ve tried at home, but for a …

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Apr 01

What is a good place to buy wine in Rome?

  It may sound obvious, but one of the great delights of touring anywhere in Italy is pouring a refreshing glass of wine. Other than going directly to the wine producers themselves, tourists may often be disappointed that wines found in Roman restaurants and most small shops are of a limited section and certainly overpriced …

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Dec 07

These are our favorite places to enjoy Italian food… In Italy!

  Italian food is fabulous. No one actually doubts that, but what people know about Italian food around the world can be somehow a little different than what the authentic ‘cucina’ is. Americans, for example, are more familiar with a kind of Italian food that is something that has developed its own flavors and traditions and …

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Nov 20

Getting from Rome to San Giovanni Rotondo (Padre Pio Shrine) in Italy

  This place of religious devotion in Italy’s Southern Puglia region should attract so much tourism and pilgrimage. The Capuchin monk who lived here was and continues to be a revered figure and a source of discussion, but the shrine is a must see for many people visiting Italy.

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