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Jun 15

There is a place where you can travel the world without leaving the building? Try The British Museum

  Every time I get to London I somehow find my way to the British Museum. I’m not a museum connoisseur by any stretch but when I do find one I like, it will often draw me back. So why is the British Museum such a draw for this traveler? A few reasons: Its free …

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Feb 14

Wimbledon: our favorite daytrip in London

  Whether you are looking to plan your trip to the annual Grand Slam Tennis tournament in June or simply looking to explore this London suburban city, Wimbledon has charming characteristics to attract visitors year round. The town is small, yet indeed charming full of boutique shops, lovely houses and has a great museum at …

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Jul 27

An itinerary of London, United Kingdom

  One of Europe’s best known capitals draws tourists all year round for a combination of the classic and modern wonders of all things British. There are literally thousands of ways one can visit this capital and its outlying districts, but we’ve highlighted here those parts which have stood out to us from past visits.

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Mar 09

How to get from London to Edinburg by train

  There are several ways to travel between London and Edinburg. The train is probably the most relaxing way of doing the trip, since the stations are in the center of both cities and there are no big complications to carry normal luggage.  

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Nov 14

Snowdonia: Welsh landscapes of rare beauty

  Ancient and timeless landscapes have the power to transport the most sophisticated among us to the basics of beauty. Man made beauty is certainly worth traveling to see, but equally so are the portraits mother nature has painted. Snowdonia has a unique combination of jagged granite peaks, coastline, moors, castles and cottages with picturesque …

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